Improving Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Currently, across Canada, routine diagnostic testing of the patient’s tumour focuses on known or existing breast cancer markers. Funding for broader accurate molecular testing to assess the tumour is not routinely available.
There is limited access to molecular information in the context of treatment. Patients have less opportunity to enroll in cutting-edge clinical trials and development of novel targeted therapies is delayed.
The opportunities to improve breast cancer diagnosis and treatment are greater than ever before. With the support of our donors, we operationalize research and deliver real, measurable results to patients across Canada.

Our Research

The BCSC research approach is translational – focusing on rapid movement of research findings from bench to bedside. Our mandate to researchers is to improve patient outcomes by accelerating the delivery of and access to novel therapies.

Our research is improving the lives of breast cancer patients through the development of precision oncology treatments, and new diagnostic tests – like a simple blood test that will detect the presence of some types of breast cancers.

The aim of precision oncology, also known as personalized medicine is to provide more targeted therapies for patients. Receiving an accurate diagnosis, avoiding unnecessary treatments such as chemotherapy and knowing how a patient will respond to their treatment before it begins offers new hope to patients and their families.

These are game-changing advancements – new tests for early detection and the development of more personalized treatments are making real differences for breast cancer patients and their families.

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