Please join us in our Mission to Save Lives through Breast Cancer Research.

Breast cancer is among the most common cancer for Canadian women. This year 26,300 women will be diagnosed!*

BCSC receives no government funding, all of our research is funded through the generosity of our donors.

Ways to Donate

  • One-time donation – you may donate any amount of money, and know your donation supports our mission to save lives through breast cancer research.
  • Monthly donation – your monthly donation provides on-going and consistent support for BCSC’s Canadian, patient-focused researchers. It’s easy to set-up a monthly donation charged to your credit card.
  • In Memory or In Honor – dedicate your donation to an individual. A letter to acknowledge the dedication will be mailed to the individual or family.
  • Securities – you do not pay capital gains tax when you donate stocks or shares to BCSC. You receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation, over $20. Contact us or your legal-financial professional for more information on transferring securities.
  • Planned Giving – by leaving a gift in your will to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, your lasting legacy will be to help put an end to breast cancer. See below for more details about the benefits of leaving a planned gift to BCSC.

Donations of $20 or more will automatically receive a charitable tax receipt. For monthly donations, tax receipts are issued in February.


Donate Securities

When you donate securities and mutual funds directly to BCSC, you will not pay tax on the capital gains you earned in your investment, and you will receive a tax receipt for the full value of the donation. Speak to your financial advisor or contact us to learn more about transferring securities.

Planned Giving

By leaving a gift in your will to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, your lasting legacy will be to help put an end to breast cancer.

  • Tax advantages
  • Gifts are planned for distribution at some time in the future
  • Your giving can be tailored to your personal and financial circumstances.
  • Donation is made from assets, not current income
  • Most of the gifts involve planning, however they are easy to arrange with your financial or estate advisor.
  • Publicly Traded Securities – Canada Revenue Agency does not apply capital gains tax on donations of publicly traded securities
  • Bequests – an easy way to reduce estate taxes and may increase inheritances to your loved ones
  • Registered Assets – another way to significantly reduce the taxes owed by your estate
  • Life Insurance – leverage the premium payments made today into a larger lasting legacy
  • Annuities – a method to potentially increase your income and reduce taxes
  • Charitable Remainder Trust – a way to give an asset and still receive the income it now provides while insuring your gift happens just as you planned

Before making arrangements for a planned gift, speak to your financial or legal advisor or investment firm to review your financial goals.

For more information about leaving a gift in your will for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada please contact us.

Our Commitment to Our Donors

  • Demonstrated return on investment outcomes.
  • Profile of individuals on the research teams, and their national and international collaborators.
  • Short and long term impact including improved knowledge around breast cancer treatment and survivorship.
  • Publication of work funded by BCSC.
  • Feedback from scientists and researchers about the project.
  • Reporting to you, our donors, on how your investment in cancer research makes a difference.

Your donation is the first step on the path to a cure.

Donate to help those living with and surviving breast cancer. Only through research will a cure be found.

* Canadian Cancer Society’s Advisory Committee on Cancer Statistics. Canadian Cancer Statistics 2017. Toronto, ON: Canadian Cancer Society; 2017. Available at:

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