Leading-Edge Approach to Breast Cancer Research

We are building a Knowledge Exchange Network of breast cancer researchers to foster a culture of excellence and cooperation in labs across Canada.

BCSC hub and spoke knowledge network

Breast Cancer Society of Canada funds innovative, translational research to push the boundaries of our understanding about how to beat breast cancer.

Five-Year Research Plan

The BCSC Pan-Canadian Virtual Research Laboratory gives patients access to advanced molecular testing so they will have opportunities to enroll in clinical trials which test targeted therapeutic agents based on a particular genetic mutation.

The BCSC research approach is innovative because of its clinical interface – it is translational – focusing on rapid movement of research findings from bench to bedside. Our mandate to researchers will be to improve patient outcomes and accelerate the delivery of and access to novel therapies.

This is an avant-garde approach to breast cancer research in Canada. Making data available to researchers across the country will lead to a new way of thinking and will contribute to building the knowledge base required to find the cure for breast cancer.

We are disrupting how breast cancer research is conducted in Canada. Our researchers will be rewarded for improving patient outcomes; driving research from the lab directly to the clinic, not for publishing their work in scientific research journals.

The BCSC future breast cancer research milestones
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