I am a breast cancer survivor & advocate – Kim MacDonald

I am a breast cancer survivor & advocate – Kim MacDonald

Kim MacDonald’s story inspires the kind of work the Breast Cancer Society is funding. We hope you will also find inspiration in her story and donate to life-saving breast cancer research this October during Dress for the Cause, because Research Matters.


Who are you, tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Kim MacDonald. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece and aunt. I grew up in the Niagara area but currently live in Hamilton, Ontario. I have been a professional broadcaster for 25 years; 5 in radio and 20 in television on The Weather Network.  More recently I am a breast cancer survivor and advocate.

If there was one thing you wanted people to know most about you what would it be?

I’m very normal.  What’s extraordinary are the people I have managed to surround myself with. It’s because of them that I manage to get up every time I fall. I have a loving family, strong, supportive friends and co-workers as well as a very loyal and caring audience.

You are involved in many things both professionally and outside of work, but what is it you are most known for?

For years, I have been known as the “weather lady” and I was very proud of that.  Now a lot of people know me for being the woman who publicly shared her breast cancer journey with the world.

What attracted you to this cause?

Everyone knows someone affected by this disease. Dress for the Cause is an amazing community fundraiser. Anyone can get involved and there’s a real sense of fun.

What inspired you, to be involved with BCSC and Dress for the Cause?

As a breast cancer survivor, I know how incredibly important research is.  I wouldn’t be alive today without the discoveries that have been made in the past. That being said, there is still a long way to go. The Breast Cancer Society of Canada and Dress for the Cause raise funds that are crucial to saving lives. I am very passionate about this. Not everyone is as lucky as I was. There are many forms of breast cancer and no one magic cure.  Until we can eradicate this disease altogether, we must support the work researchers are doing. I am proud to be an advocate for them.

What was your most memorable moment from the first time you participated in Dress for the Cause?

Last year was my first year involved with Dress for the Cause. It was very memorable because it was the day I returned to work at The Weather Network. I had been away for 10 months undergoing chemotherapy, surgery and radiation as well as Herceptin infusions.  Here I was returning with some very short hair surrounded by my co-workers who all wore pink for Dress for the Cause. It was incredibly emotional and heart-warming. What a day!

You are a breast cancer survivor, and have been cancer-free for over a year now, why do you continue to support breast cancer research?

It’s because I am cancer-free that I feel a responsibility to help others. I’ve been given a second chance at life and I want others to have the same. I want people to see my survival as hope. To me there has to be a purpose in my suffering. I can’t personally save lives but I can do my best to help the researchers that do.

What is your favourite way to get people excited about supporting the breast cancer cause?

I think my own enthusiasm and passion shine through. People are genuinely good and want to give back. It’s not hard convincing them to get involved with this worthy cause.

What would you say to someone considering registering for Dress for the Cause?

I would say “Just Do It”. There are so many easy and creative ways to get your office, school or club involved. It’s a day of fun and you can raise the money any way you want.  This is a way to shake things up at work for a good cause. Who doesn’t want that? It’s also very flexible. You can pick any day (or days) in October that work for YOU.

What are you looking forward to most for this years Dress for the Cause?

I’m looking forward to doing a special broadcast for Dress for the Cause this year. I have the unique opportunity of having The Weather Network’s full support and can bring Dress for the Cause to a national audience. I also look forward to seeing how other teams dress up and raise money. It should be a lot of fun.

Any final thoughts?

One day I would like pink to just be a colour and not associated with Breast Cancer. We can all get closer to that day by taking part in events like Dress for the Cause. Until that day comes, I will wear my pink proudly. Feel free to donate to my efforts if you can’t do your own. Every little bit helps and we ARE making a difference.

Your donation to The Breast Cancer Society of Canada will help fund breast cancer research. Give today, help save lives by supporting life-saving breast cancer research because, Research Matters. Visit Dress for the Cause today.

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