Mother’s Day Walk Fundraising Tips

Mother’s Day Walk Fundraising Tips

The annual Mother’s Day Walk is an exciting event that is part of what makes the Breast Cancer Society of Canada so special and impactful. Since the very first Mother’s Day Walk in 1991, hundreds of people have come together to show their support and raise funds to one day end this disease. Want to know how you can help? Consider donating and raising funds for your Mother’s Day Walk or support your friends and colleagues who are walking!

The TBCRU trainees have been very creative and have had an enjoyable experience developing innovative ways to fundraise over the years. Just this past year, we held a TBCRU Annual Bake Sale at Robarts Research Institute to raise money in support of the Breast Cancer Society of Canada in October for Dress for the Cause! Katie, Olivia, Veronica and I were excited to organize this event alongside other TBCRU trainees to raise funds and to encourage our colleagues to get involved by wearing pink and eating delicious treats.

TBCRU Mother's Day Walk Fundraising Tips

Some of the work that happened behind the scenes was creating promotional material (this was my main role), recruiting volunteers to bring in baked goods, designing a photo booth, and registering our team to contribute funds after the bake sale was completed. We were very happy with the outcome of our efforts and we were able to raise over $500 from this one event alone! It was a great way to not only fundraise for a cause that was important to all of us and our current projects, but also gave us an opportunity to interact with the greater community at Robarts Research Institute and share more about our work in breast cancer research.

So what are some ways you can fundraise for the upcoming walk? Whether you are participating in the Mother’s Day Walk or not there are so many ways you can show your support! If you’re looking for ways you can fundraise, you can check out a list of ideas right here.

While this list has a few ways to participate, feel free to be creative and think of ideas that work well for you! If hosting a bake sale or running an event seems like too big of a task, the Breast Cancer Society of Canada has thought of some easy and simple ways for you to raise $500 or more in just 10 days.

Lastly, if you are interested in organizing a fundraising initiative with your work like we did, there are opportunities for corporate sponsorship as well.

Fundraising can be an exciting and fun way to host events and gather support for yours or your friend’s Mother’s Day Walk. Ideas for fundraising are endless, and we hope that you’ll join us in preparing for this year’s walk!

Support researchers like these visit and consider registering to walk or making a donation.

Author Bio:
Natasha Knier is an MSc Candidate in Medical Biophysics at Western University, and is currently supported by a TBCRU Studentship Award for 2018-2019.

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