Mother’s Day Walk Social Media Tips

Mother’s Day Walk Social Media Tips

Social media can be a very valuable tool for accessing a large network and sharing news and updates with others. When it comes to fundraising and sharing about the Breast Cancer Society’s Mother’s Day Walk, anyone can easily utilize social media to fundraise and support others who are participating this year! If you’re reading this, you likely already have access to a keyboard and the internet, both of which are the ingredients for getting involved in social media marketing and networking. It’s really that simple!

So what are some ways we can take advantage of the networks we have across various social media platforms to show support for breast cancer research? If you are planning to walk this year, here are some helpful tips I get you started on documenting your own Mother’s Day Journey:

1)    Participate in the social media campaign to highlight breast cancer awareness by sharing posts with the hashtags, #ResearchMatters and #MothersDayWalk. Using hashtags can allow your posts to be seen by a larger audience who is involved with similar content or may be searching for other users who are participating in the walk this year as well.

2)    Get creative and download a photo frame banner provided by the Breast Cancer Society of Canada to showcase why you are walking this year or to support your friends and family who are participating. You can download them from

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3)    Share the online donation site on your own social media platforms! Did you know that you can search for specific individuals, teams, cities, or events? That means that when you share with your friends, they know exactly who they can search for and donate to in order to support your efforts towards this year’s walk. Use this Donate Now link to share.

4)    Engaging with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada on social media can not only help you stay up to date with the upcoming events, but it can also provide you with content to share with friends and family that comes directly from the organization. Did you know that the BCSC is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Why don’t you start by giving them a follow!

5)    Lastly, consider creating your own content to share with your social networks. This is the perfect TBCRU Social Media Tipsway to personalize your Mother’s Day Walk journey and connect with others. If you enjoy writing, you might consider blogging (like I am now) to share your story with preparing for the walk or why you are walking this year, or perhaps try taking photos to share your progress and keep lifelong memories.

I hope that after reading this you have been inspired to document and share more of your #MothersDayWalk journey with us and with your friends and family. Utilizing social media can be an excellent way to spread the word and increase your methods of fundraising as well. Let us know on one of our social media channels if you end up trying any of these tips – we look forward to seeing what you can create this year!

Support researchers like these visit and consider registering to walk or making a donation.

Author Bio:
Natasha Knier is an MSc Candidate in Medical Biophysics at Western University, and is currently supported by a TBCRU Studentship Award for 2018-2019.

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